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Building AI solutions that matter

  • ​Understand the Data Maturity of your organization
  • Create a portfolio of AI use cases 
  • Build an AI solution that matters - and improve ROI, efficiency, speed

Our customers

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Outvise, the largest network and marketplace for Telecom, Media and Digital experts.
VDVO e.V. - Der Branchenverband für Veranstaltungsplaner
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Pau Cerdá, Co-founder Outvise

Webinar series on AI in Customer Service with EnterpriseAI Consulting was a huge success! We learned a lot, as did our customers - and we generated new business.

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Bernd Fritzges, Chairman VDVO

The event industry has been hit hard by Corona. EnterpriseAI CEO Denys is a Data Scientist who sees potential and is determined to help, developing new business models, formats, and tools.

What we do

Data Maturity Assessment

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  • What data is available?

  • Which use cases can be built?

  • What is the value potential?

Hear our CEO speak about Data Maturity at Europe's largest developer conference, DeveloperWeek.

Pilot AI project

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See how AI creates value: 

  • in sales: score leads; predict upsales.

  • in marketing: predict conversions; generate content.

  • in customer service: predict resolution times; predict churn.

Request our Library of AI Use Cases for free!

Productive AI solution

  • Continuos data integration & orchestration

  • Deployment & scalability

  • User acceptance & adoption 

Join the webinar with Cognizant's Global AI Head we host to address this topic.

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Data strategy

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Once you have a few successful AI projects, it's time to set milestones on the road to becoming a data-driven organization of the future.

With over 50 years of combined consulting experiences at Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton, KPMG, and Apple, we create visionary and practical strategic roadmap for you

It's time to build AI solutions that matter!

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