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Learn how to build AI that makes money

We will show you a demo of how to take your artificial intelligence idea & transform it into a new service that generates revenue for your company. Your benefits from our event:
  • Get a library of AI use cases 

  • Claim 6 hours of FREE consultation for your company by our CEO!

  • Learn how we launched the company & our partner network.

Join us on July 16th at 17h00 CEST, 100% online & free!

What is this company launch event about?


We will share the story of the company & its vision in this gathering for founders, executives & managers interested in AI, data scientists, and salespeople. 


In the live demo, you will see how to use machine learning models to create a new AI offering for your customers. The offering you can sell as a new service!


Our partners are company founders, executives, experts on data science, events, and sales. They will deliver practical insights.


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The event industry has been hit hard by Corona. EnterpriseAI CEO Denys is a Data Scientist who sees potential and is determined to help, developing new business models, formats, and tools.

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Webinar series on AI in Customer Service with EnterpriseAI Consulting was a huge success! We learned a lot, as did our customers - and we generated new business.

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Mr. Holovatyi has excellent expertise that goes far beyond the ordinary. He has always used this knowledge to the greatest extent to improve our business processes.


July 16th, 2020. 17h00-18h00 CEST

15 min

Founder presents EnterpriseAI Consulting and how we help companies make money with AI

20 min

Live demo: the creation of a new AI-powered service

15 min

Partners speak about actionable lessons learned

10 min

Special offers for participants & farewell

Don't forget about your AI use case library (example below) &

6 hours of free consultation!

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Denys Holovatyi.png

Denys Holovatyi (LinkedIn) - founder & CEO of EnterpriseAI Consulting, ex-Celonis & KPMG.


  • Completed 30+ data science projects in purchasing, quality management, marketing, sales, ITSM, etc

  • Helped to establish the AI scene in Munich for nearly 4 years as the founder of "Technology Messenger" community

Pau Cerda_cr.jpg

Pau Cerdá (LinkedIn) - co-founder Outvise, ex-Oliver Wyman.


  • Founded several digital startups and consulting companies

  • Advises some major telecom and media groups

  • Telecom Engineer + MBA at ESADE business school

Allen Van Natter.png

Allen Van Natter (LinkedIn) - founder Van Natter Consulting, ex-JP Morgan Chase.


  • 20+ years of sales experience and has served as an executive

  • Focused on helping SMEs and start-ups increase their revenue

  • Recognized for the ability to train world-class sales professionals

Michele Erba.png

Michele Erba (LinkedIn) - Sr. project manager KreativDistrikt, ex-Siemens.


  • 8+ years of project management experience, both in big companies and startups

  • Digital advertising professional for lead generation and tailored audience outreach

  • Builds great online events globally such as hackathons and webinars

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