Building AI solutions that matter

  • ​Understand the Data Maturity of your organization
  • Create a portfolio of AI use cases 
  • Build an AI solution that matters - and improve ROI, efficiency, speed

Our customers

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Outvise, the largest network and marketplace for Telecom, Media and Digital experts.
VDVO e.V. - Der Branchenverband für Veranstaltungsplaner

We help you

Learn how AI creates value

You are lost in the hype around AI.


That's how many executives & managers feel these days, trying to navigate the field. Fear no more: we provide you with an extensive overview of the AI market, find AI use cases with the highest ROI in your company, and execute AI projects together with your team to achieve measurable impact.


We provide AI training & consulting, public & in-house webinars, and hackathon organization. 

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Pau Cerdá, Co-founder Outvise

Webinar series on AI in Customer Service with EnterpriseAI Consulting was a huge success! We learned a lot, as did our customers - and we generated new business.

Reduce costs fast


During the Corona crisis, you need to cut costs, but don't want to fire your people.


Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining helps you find unnecessary costs you can reduce. Think about all the materials & spare parts taking up space in your warehouse, duplicate purchases, and complex budgeting process! 

We aim at savings around 5% of total spending on the projects on SAP FI data. 

Lead your market

You noticed that your main competitor is moving into a new business area, customer segment, or geographic market.


It's time to prepare a strong technology response to re-gain market leadership. AI can help you create new products & services, discover unknown customer segments, analyze your competitor's market entry - and how people respond to it.

We analyze your company & your industry. We seek to understand the trends - and your customers.

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Bernd Fritzges, Chairman VDVO

The event industry has been hit hard by Corona. EnterpriseAI CEO Denys is a Data Scientist who sees potential and is determined to help, developing new business models, formats, and tools.

Advance your career


You dream of a successful, fast career.


To achieve that, you need to execute extraordinary projects that create P&L-effect in different corporate functions. You can achieve business impact with data science as it offers you tools to automate procurement approvals, invoice reconciliation, compliance assessments, ticket routing & processing, and more!

We make it possible through:

  • Executing Data Engineering & Integration

  • Building Process Mining & Machine Learning models

  • Creating a clear Action Plan 

It's time to see how AI works!

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